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Meet Jessica Kumar
Host & Writer of the Invisible India Podcast 

Jessica Kumar is an economic development advocate living in Bihar, India. She started the Invisible India Podcast to highlight cross-cultural relationships between Westerners and Indians and share she and her husband, Abhishek’s cross-cultural story. They also interview Indian stereotype breakers who seek to enlighten listeners on how to navigate the complexities of Indian culture.

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Jessica is from Chicago, USA but first came to India in 2006 for an internship, where she learned fluent Hindi. Abhishek is from Bihar and went to the US in the early 2000s for higher studies. They met through m
utual friends virtually while Jessica was working in India and Abhishek was studying in the US. Flip Flop!

After 10 years of career life in the US, Abhishek felt the need to get involved in development work in India and be closer to his aging parents. Since Jessica had already learned Hindi from previous work experiences in India, she was willing to leave her life in Chicago and move to Bihar along with him. 

They have two kids and are passionate about the Hindi language as well as helping others understand multi-faceted Indian culture.

Abhishek’s background in higher education, philosophy and anthropology combined with Jessica’s career in financial services marketing and storytelling, inspired them to dive into direct service nonprofit work in India. Abhishek and Jessica are active in social causes including a number of economic development and relief projects in Bihar.


For more than the past decade, through their nonprofit work, Abhishek and Jessica have been invited to various venues, institutions and gatherings to share about Indian culture and particularly the changing social landscape of the subcontinent and the South Asian diaspora.

Out of these invitations was born the Invisible India Podcast, which highlights lesser known facts of Indian culture from the perspective of a returning NRI and an American living in India. They explore the mysteries of Indian culture and current social issues through conducting interviews with various experts, stereotype breakers and interesting people in cross-cultural relationships.

Contact Jessica with your questions, feedback and episode ideas. Follow on social media, email or fill the contact form to connect.

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