Episode 63 | Behind the Scenes of an Indian American Marriage

by Invisible India Podcast

“Thinking that our actions don’t affect other people is a very individualistic way of thinking. Neither an Eastern or Western way of thinking is right or wrong.”

-Jessica on “Behind the Scenes of an Indian-American Wedding”

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Should I share pictures of my life on social media even if I fear being judged by conservative relatives? What are the no-nos of social media in more conservative Indian families? If you are in a desi/non-desi relationship, maybe you have some of the same questions we do.

How do you protect your relationship but also interact on social media with the ever watchful Indian aunties?

Jessica shares her top 5 tips for protecting family relationships online.

Plus, bonus – Is our life really all it looks like on social media? What are we hiding as an Indian-American couple?

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