“During lockdown in India, essential services literally meant food, medicine and bank. It was a totally different scenario in the US where people were going for socially distanced walks and drive-by parties.”

-Jessica on “COVID in India vs the US”

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Is COVID really worse in American than India?
What did it feel like on the ground in India during the world’s biggest lockdown.
Why on earth would anyone travel between the US and India right now?

Listen to Jessica and Abhishek share about their experience traveling from Bihar, India to Chicago and BACK AGAIN in the middle of a pandemic! Why did they go? What were their observations? What was the flight like?

We answer questions that many people have asked us in the past few months about the differences between India and America during the COVID experience.


The Invisible India Podcast’s opening and closing music is performed by Christopher Hale on Sitar and Ed Hanley on Tabla.

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