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“Malayalam was the bridge between two cultures for me.”

-Aparna Mulberry on her upbringing in Kerala

At first glance, one may assume Aparna Mulberry is a Western woman who has merely visited India. But only a few moments after speaking to her, you realize the depth and knowledge of her experiences as growing up in the Amritapuri Ashram in Kerala, India. 

Aparna is an American born, but India raised woman who spent her formative years in Kerala. Fluent in Malayalam, her story of finding her place of fitting in in India and also America is inspiring and enlightening for anyone living a multicultural life or finds themselves struggling to raise children in a cross-cultural environment. 

Now married to a Spanish woman, living in France, her multicultural journey continues. During this episode, she reflects on her Indian roots and gives Jessica advice on raising children in a context where they may feel they are “third culture kids” between worlds. 


The Invisible India Podcast’s opening and closing music is performed by Christopher Hale on Sitar and Ed Hanley on Tabla.

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