Episode 59 | HELP! I'm in Love with an Indian

by Invisible India Podcast

“Don’t compare yourself to others and force yourself into a box that you will never fit into.”

-Jessica on “HELP! I’m in Love with an Indian”

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Are you in a relationship with an Indian? Overwhelmed by the differences between your culture and Indian culture?

In Episode 59 of the Invisible India Podcast | Navigating Indian Culture with Love…. we dive in!

As a veteran in India (15 years) and being married to Abhishek from Bihar for 11 years, Jessica shares 3 main tips for engaging with Indian culture and understanding the deep undercurrents of how language, family and cultural contexts influence the way people behave in relationships.

She covers how to understand joint families, language learning and how to share frustrations about the culture without hurting your partner.

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