Episode 75 | Hindi Pronunciation Tips

by Invisible India Podcast

“Everything from breathing to how you move your lips is important in making the correct sounds in Hindi.

-Jessica Kumar on Episode 75

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Episode 75 contains a teaser of Jessica’s upcoming course Overcome Hindi Pronunciation Pitfalls!

Abhishek joins Jessica to work through some of the most common pronunciation errors that learners of Hindi make. In this episode, we take a small slice and discuss the vowel sounds of Hindi which are often mispronounced. 

Hear the subtle differences between short A and long A, and why you may have been saying “Namaste” incorrectly all these years!

Keep an eye out of the upcoming course later in the summer of 2022.




Links mentioned in this episode: 


  • The “Hindi Hacks You Never Knew You Needed” course is live! Cut out the fluff and get the first phrases and concepts that you need to know to get you speaking quickly and on your way!



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