There are certainly resentments that certain communities feel about the past, even if they may not know exactly how their family 500 years ago was involved or affected.

-Dr. Ajay Verghese on “Hinduism and Indian Ethnicity”

Dr. Ajay Verghese, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of California Riverside joins us to dive into two urgent topics affecting the social landscape of India today- 1) the legacy of ethnic colonialism and 2) modernization’s affect on Hindu’s religious practices.

Were all problems in India legacies of the British? Or has inter-religious conflict always been a problem even before colonialism?


Ajay and Jessica also dive into his latest research project answering the question – “does the modernization of India mean that Hindus are becoming less religious?” Ajay defines Hinduism in a way you may have never heard and shares his personal experiences of how returning to India as an Indian American has changed him. His scholarly research on the roots of ethnic violence in India has been published in his first book “The Colonial Roots of Ethnic Violence in India.”

Get yourself into intellectual mode and listen in on this fascinating conversation.

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