“Many youth in India feel that they have no privacy. Your phone becomes your own personal escape.

No one can interfere with you in your private mobile world.”

-Jessica on “Indians and the Smartphone Revolution

Smartphones have changed the world. But something quite peculiar has happened in India where the use of the smartphone challenges many social norms and yet supports and upholds other time held traditions. 

What are Jessica’s observations about the use of smartphones in India over the last 15 years? How has the technological revolution and smartphone penetration affect the culture? How have smartphones changed the societal fabric and caused social upheaval?

Did you know that India has the highest number of selfie deaths in the world? 

What is the use of mobile phones doing to our children?

Listen in and find out!

The Invisible India Podcast’s opening and closing music is performed by Christopher Hale on Sitar and Ed Hanley on Tabla.

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