Episode 25 | Invited | The Power of Hospitality in an Age of Loneliness with Leslie Verner

by Invisible India Podcast

“Western culture steers us towards the direction of isolation for the sake of convenience.”

-Leslie Verner, Author of “Invited- The Power of Hospitality in an Age of Loneliness”

Author Leslie Verner approaches how Western cultures can learn from other cultures posture of open hospitality. Author of “Invited- the Power of Hospitality in an Age of Loneliness”, Leslie sensitively approaches being a white American engaging in cross cultural friendships and what her research and learnings have led her to in her personal life.
In this episode, Jessica and Leslie discuss how being a stranger in a new culture produces a sense of empathy for others.
You can find out more about her writings about cross cultural interactions, social equality, racial justice, faith, parenting and more on www.scrapingraisins.com. Invited is available on Amazon here- https://www.amazon.com/Invited-Power-Hospitality-Age-Loneliness/dp/1513804332

The Invisible India Podcast’s opening and closing music is performed by Christopher Hale on Sitar and Ed Hanley on Tabla on Raag Bhimpalasi.

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