Episode 81 | Kids Hindi Lesson | What NOT to Say in Hindi

by Invisible India Podcast

“Never say I DON’T UNDERSTAND. It is a conversation stopper.

-Jessica Kumar on Episode 81

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What NOT to say in Hindi as a kid!


This is an preview from the Kids’ Hindi Kickstarter Course coming out next week on www.learnhindianywhere.com. It is an 18 part course taking you through all the responses you need to know as a kid in your first years of speaking Hindi.

Jessica has 17 years experience in helping others learn Hindi and has multiple other courses online including Hindi Hacks, Overcome Pronunciation Pitfalls.

This time, she teams up with her 8 year old son to create a whole course for kids designed for kids 4-10 years old.

This is especially helpful for NRIs or kids who have had some exposure to Hindi, but aren’t confident speakers.   The whole 18 part course is pre-recorded with videos, audio files and visual homework assignments which are proven to engage the linguistic part of a child’s brain.

Mentioned in this Episode: Check out Jessica’s other Hindi courses, including Overcome Hindi Pronunciation Pitfalls, and Hindi Hacks You Never Knew You Needed! Be sure to subscribe to Jessica’s newsletter for discounts and special announcements about courses and other important items.

Also see the YouTube version of this video on www.youtube.com@indiawithjessica 



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