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Hindi Learning unlike anything else!

If you’ve ever been frustrated with learning a South Asian language, this is your opportunity to cut to the chase from someone who has been there. Jessica has been helping others learn conversational Hindi for almost two decades. She brings to light the best native speaker and makes suggestions based on individual learning styles of students.

Diverse Hindi

Diverse Perspectives

Not only is this course based off Jessica’s experience of learning fluent Hindi for the last 18 years, but off the experiences of observing hundreds of other Hindi learners.

Modern Hindi

Modern Language

Learn common language that people actually speak, rather than fluff or book knowledge.

Collaborative Hindi Learning


Learn online through this program and get hand-picked recommendations from the top native speaker teachers out there.

New Course for travel to India –

travel Hindi You will Actually Use

 Hindi Grammar Foundations –

thorough course for beginners

Research Based – Kids’ Hindi Starter Course

 Beginner to Intermediate Course-  Overcome Hindi Pronunciation Pitfalls!

enroll in “Hindi Hacks” for beginners- starter course

hindi course live now

one on one Hindi language coaching

hindi tutor coaching

Traveler’s Guide to India

hindi tutor coaching

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