Episode 68 | Learning Malayalam vs. hindi

by Invisible India Podcast

“Enjoying a culture is not the same thing as endorsing everything about it.”

-Eliza Keyton on “Learning Malayalam vs. Learning Hindi”

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Eliza Keyton (Eli Kutty) is an American Malayalam learner and dedicated to sharing her learnings with other learners. Jessica and Eliza dive into the complexities of learning Hindi vs Malayalam and the challenges of learning an Indian language.

Jessica and Eliza both share their clear intentions of uplifting Desi voices and pointing the attention back to native speakers of their target languages. They both speak about their unique experiences as white Americans and how one needs to be aware of white privilege while learning a language. 


Both women are married to Indian men, yet have very different paths that have led them to diving deep into learning Indian languages.


Find Eliza on Instagram @Eli.Kutty and YouTube!



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