Episode 84 | Navigating the Indian Medical System

by Invisible India Podcast

“Most doctors will write you a long list of medications. Be sure to Google each item before you get in line at the pharmacy.”

-Jessica Kumar Episode 84

Navigating the Indian medical system can be incredibly confusing, intimidating and even downright frustrating if you didn’t grow up in South Asia. Knowing the ins and outs of how the medical field is run in India is crucial to being able to care for yourself and others in routine visits and especially emergencies.

If you are visiting India, living in India as a foreigner, or an NRI who is caring for someone, this is the episode for you.

A recent injury prompted me to record this episode while my mind was fresh with lots of doctor visits, medical tests, procedures, pharmacy experiences and even emergency room dramas. I cover it all in this episode and give practical tips of how to get through most situations.

I also summarized this information in a free PDF guide on my website www.invisibleindiapodcast.com. Save it on your phone or print it out for your next visit to India.

Get the free download “Questions to Ask Your Doctor in India”

Physician Assistant, Melody Crisp – Instagram

For further information about Giving Birth in India, see Episode 3 Giving Birth in India.

Download the PDF to keep on your phone while you visit India. Click the image to download the PDF.

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