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We are very careful about what products and services we recommend to our listeners. Here are the tried and true folks that we have worked with to bring you products and services that we think will really help you.

Hindi Unlocked

Jon Rider from HindiUnlocked was featured on Episode 12 “Learn Hindi Like a Pro.” He has spent many years teaching Hindi and helping people learn the language using a system he has perfected over the years. This approach is great for adults who appreciate a rational and systematic approach to learning.

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language curry discount

Language Curry is a free app to learn Hindi, Gujurati, Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Tamil and Punjabi. Live classes also take place with a teacher and other students. For a discount on live classes, keep an eye on Invisible India’s Instagram for schedule and details about upcoming classes.

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Language Curry Live Class

bhasha kids discount

Bhasha Kids is helping kids learn Indian languages through English!

  • Customers who click on the link below OR enter INVISIBLEINDIA at checkout will automatically receive 10% off their entire purchase.
  • It is limited to one use per customer, and the discount can’t be stacked on other discounts.
  • However, they offer promotions all the time, and if you sign up for our contact list, you will receive another 10% coupon in their email for future use.
  • BhashaKids offers free shipping in the US and $10 flat rate shipping to Canada.
  • Bhasha Kids currently offers products in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Telugu and Marathi will come out later this year.
  • All products are mom-designed, kid tested, and Montessori inspired. The focus is to build conversational skills of kids ages of 2-8.
  • The goal is to grow multilingual families by making learning fun and accessible for both kids and parents.
  • Use Code¬†invisibleindia

Bhasha Kids Products HERE

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