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We are very careful about what products and services we recommend to our listeners. Here are the tried and true folks that we have worked with to bring you products and services that we think will really help you.

sloth ornament ethical

 One of my favorite businesses is Modi Toys. They have made cute plush toys of multiple Indian deities as well as books which accompany these characters. 

You may be asking, “Jessica, you’re an American who grew up Christian?” Indeed. But I also highly respect the many cultures of India and want my children to learn about the different stories which impact billions of people around the world. 

I have found these stories to be very enriching to my children as they learn about the core aspects of Indian Hindu culture and the primary worldview of the place we call home. 

See their whole collection here.

sloth ornament ethical

India Artisan is a business near and dear to our heart. Run ethically empowering local talent in the heart of North India, India Artisan creates beautiful handmade wooden items.

Use the link below to get this adorable sloth Holiday ornament for a limited time! 

Get Your Hand Made in India Sloth Ornament on Amazon

Divine Candle Holder on Amazon

Indian Animal Stackable Dolls

learn hindi online

Ziyada (Zee-yah-duh) means more—more hope, more help, more happiness, more health—for you and for our world. Ziyada exists to provide meaningful employment in a safe, loving environment for people caught in the devastating cycle of extreme poverty in North India, and in the process, to bring you more quality and beauty through each good they create.

Ziyada has a special collection of beautiful holiday items. Jessica personally can vouch for this wonderful company doing good in Bihar!

Use Code “iNVISIBLEIndia10″ and get 10% off your order.

Shop Beautiful Hand Made Products HERE

learn hindi online

Launch India is a Hindi-Urdu language and orientation service offering online and in-person language sessions using an immersive and relational approach called the GPA (Growing Participator Approach). 

Try our Phase 1 course to learn over 1,000 key words and phrases in as little as 2 hours/day for 12 weeks. Meet with a certified language coaches to determine which of the other Phases of our program will most deeply enrich your skills in understanding, speaking and building relationships in India.

Other services include kids classes, Hindi Script Workshops, Grammar Workshops, as well as fully furnished apartments in Delhi for short or long term stays to make the most of the in-person learning options. 

Check out today for more information and mention Invisible India to receive 10% off of your first 100 hours of language sessions with us. We hope to work with you soon!  ?

Mention iNVISIBLE India When Singing Up!

Learn more about Launch India HERE

tulika books discount

Tulika Books is one of India’s top multilingual book publishers.

  • Especially check out the Hindi section for high quality Hindi books!
  • Please use code INDIA to get a discount of 10% on orders above $40 + free shipping outside India. This is valid till 31 December 2022. ?

Use Code india 

Order Tulika Books Here

bhasha kids discount

Bhasha Kids is helping kids learn Indian languages through English!

  • Customers who click on the link below OR enter “INVISIBLE” at checkout will get the Hindi printable set for $3.99.
  • See Jessica’s review of this product HERE.
  • Bhasha Kids currently offers products in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Telugu and Marathi will come out later this year. ?

Use Code invisible

Bhasha Kids Hindi Printables

Karadi Tales Discount

Karadi Tales is one of the premier book and video producers in India for bilingual content. 

  • Bilingual English/Hindi favorites
  • Chapter books written by Indian authors
  • Bilingual Videos with rich culturally relevant content. ?

Browse Karadi Tales Books and Videos HERE

podcasting course india

Hindi English Kids Book “I Love Masala Me.”

“I Love Masala Me” is a celebration of culture and multicultural identity through food from chicken nuggets and chicken pakora, to cheese curds and paneer tikka, etc. Find yourself immersed in a delightful children’s book that explores the gift of being a masala or a multicultural child, all while you enjoy learning some Hindi and English too. 

Get your copy by following the link ?

Get I Love Masala Me HERE

podcasting course india

 Join us in learning about various topics with @getstrivesocial. Previous courses have taught beginners podcasting, stand-up comedy and healthy Indian cooking.

Keep an eye out for upcoming courses by visiting Strive Social’s site below.

Use the special link below for a discount for courses! ?


Strive Social Healthy Indian Cooking Course

sanskar Invisible India discount


Sanskar Teaching offers everything you need to learn Gujurati. They have a variety of courses from Gujurati Crash Course, Gujurati Essentials, Gujurati Prayers and kids resources for learning the Gujurati language!

Use the direct link below and an automatic 15% discount will be applied on any online course. Or use the code “INVISIBLEINDIA.” ?

Explore Sanskar Teaching Courses here!


The Mix Membership Interracial Couple

If you’re looking for a group of women to support you in your interracial relationship, the Mix Membership is for you.

Find the community you’ve been looking for! Learn from a community of women who are in interracial relationships and multiracial families. Led by @almostindianwife, Brittany, we have a lot of fun.

Jessica is a guest mentor on the Mix, specifically in regards to language learning, and raising bilingual children. ?

Get your first month free with the code below.


Check out the Mix Membership Here

Hindi Unlocked

Jon Rider from HindiUnlocked was featured on Episode 12 “Learn Hindi Like a Pro.” He has spent many years teaching Hindi and helping people learn the language using a system he has perfected over the years. This approach is great for adults who appreciate a rational and systematic approach to learning. ?

1) Get a 10% discount off any Hindi Unlocked course by using the coupon code:


2) NOW until July 31, 2021, get a private tutoring lesson FREE when you mention the Invisible India Podcast. Contact

language curry discount

Language Curry is a free app to learn Hindi, Gujurati, Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil and Punjabi. Live classes also take place with a teacher and other students. For a discount on live classes, keep an eye on Invisible India’s Instagram for schedule and details about upcoming classes. ?

Get a 10% discount on live courses using the coupon code:


Language Curry Live Class

bhasha kids discount

Bhasha Kids is helping kids learn Indian languages through English! Get the Hindi Flash Cards for your kids on their language journey! See Jessica’s review of this product HERE.

  • Customers who click on the link below OR enter INVISIBLEINDIA at checkout will automatically receive 10% off their entire purchase.
  • It is limited to one use per customer, and the discount can’t be stacked on other discounts.
  • However, they offer promotions all the time, and if you sign up for our contact list, you will receive another 10% coupon in their email for future use.
  • BhashaKids offers free shipping in the US and $10 flat rate shipping to Canada.
  • Bhasha Kids currently offers products in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Telugu and Marathi will come out later this year. ?

Use Code invisibleindia

Bhasha Kids Products HERE

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