“In the name of becoming a smart city, we are cannibalizing our historic past.”

-Kunal Dutt, Founder of Save Historic Patna Collectorate”

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Patna, Bihar’s historical sites are in danger.

Kunal Dutt shares about the top 5 historic sites in Patna, the capital of Bihar, India. Kunal founded the Save Historic Patna Collectorate campaign to raise awareness of how Patnaites are allowing their history to be cannibalized in the name of becoming a “smart city.”

He shares the tragic story of losing several iconic pieces of history and what you can do to get involved to stop further demolition of Indian history!

Follow Kunal Dutt: Instagram- SaveHistoricPatnaCollectorate https://www.instagram.com/savehistoricpatnacollectorate/


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Painting in the cover art by Brian Paul Bach – https://www.instagram.com/hooghlyside/

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