“We not only want to help animals but catalyze change for human behavior.”

-Robin Singh, Co-Founder of Peepal Farm

Robin Singh of Peepal Farm is going against the grain of consumerism in India. A practitioner of radical compassion, he and his colleagues started an organic farm, animal refuge and place for people to connect to nature.

Robin Singh is the co-founder of Peepal Farm in Himachal Pradesh, India where animals come to heal and be heard.

Robin’s journey started in the US as he climbed the entrepreneurial ladder and found himself deeply unhappy. His journey brought him back to India to found Peepal Farm with friends and he hasn’t looked back yet.

Robin gets into the nitty gritty of going against the grain of India’s growing consumeristic culture. But he also has great hope as they see Indians waking up to what they “already know” about compassion, non-violence and caring for the planet.

Not only do they practice radical compassion towards animals but to the communities around them as well. With an organic farm, animal rescue initiatives, sustainable products and farm stays, Peepal Farm is a gem.

To learn more about Peepal Farm and Robin- peepalfarm.org/robin

See the mini-episode VIDEO on our YouTube Channel where Robin and Jessica talk about “Vegetarianism vs Veganism in India.” Hear more about the growing movement to compassionate consumerism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De29P_SmOXs

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