Episode 56 | Teaching Kids Indian Languages

by Invisible India Podcast

“The shame some feel in having Indian heritage boils down to not knowing the rich heritage of their background.”

-Anita Sachariah on “Teaching Kids Indian Languages”


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Jessica hosts Anita Sachariah to share on tidbits of how to teach Indian origin children heritage languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil, Punjabi and many more. 
Jessica and Anita speak about their experiences teaching their own children and creating resources for children and adults to bridge the gap in learning Indian languages wherever learners are in the world.  
This conversation was part of the Lingua Cultura Experience held on June 24-27, 2021 on Clubhouse.
Bhasha Kids included offers Printables in a number of languages! 
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ALSO mentioned in the episode:   
Launch India is a Hindi-Urdu language and orientation service offering online and in-person language sessions using an immersive and relational approach called the GPA (Growing Participator Approach).  
Other services include kids classes, Hindi Script Workshops, Grammar Workshops, as well as fully furnished apartments in Delhi for short or long term stays to make the most of their in-person learning options.  
Check out www.launchin.in for more information and mention Invisible India to receive 10% off of your first 100 hours of language sessions.

The Invisible India Podcast’s opening and closing music is performed by Christopher Hale on Sitar and Ed Hanley on Tabla.

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