Episode 77 | Thriving As a Foreigner in india | part 2

by Invisible India Podcast

“Having a house helper gives you the time and mental space to focus on managing other complicated aspects of your life. Plus, it gives you a captive audience for language practice.

-Jessica Kumar on Episode 77

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How do you build relationships in India? Part 2 of this 2 part episode deals with the relational dynamics of living in India as someone who didn’t grow up there. Skip the outdated guide books and listen in to this advice from Jessica, who first started living in India in 2006.

Friendships, finding common ground, how to manage house help and language learning tips are all here. 

Whether you are visiting or planning on living in India, these tips will help you go beyond surviving to thriving in India with these tips!


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Links mentioned in this episode: 

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