Episode 85 | Top 10 Pro Tips for Traveling to India

by Invisible India Podcast

“The most dangerous animal in the world is the mosquito. And India is no exception to that.”

-Jessica Kumar Episode 85

If this is your first trip to India or eighth, this episode highlights the top 10 pro pointers you need to known to reduce the headaches, inconveniences and ripoffs that are likely to happen while visiting India.

Download the new e-booklet “The Traveler’s Guide to India”

india travel guide

What’s Included in the e-booklet?

30+ pages of practical tips, which will put you years ahead in:

-Language Learning


-Money & Payments

-Guide to Food -Communication Strategy

-Things NOT to Say in India

-& so much more!

Links included in the episode:

Gender Based Inequality & Violence- Episode 15

Learn Hindi with me! www.learnhindianywhere.com

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