Episode 72 | What is it Really Like to Be Married to an Indian?

by Invisible India Podcast

“The different views on personal responsibility vs the expectation of receiving help from each other is a huge clash for some couples.”

-Jessica Kumar on Episode 72


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Hearing others’ perspectives always brings out new perspectives. I interviewed two other women who are married to Indians who bring various cultural and linguistic background to their stories. Sheida is from Iran living in Canada. Parneet is French, living in Belgium. 

I asked the various questions to bring out these women’s thoughts and experiences:

1) Things you enjoy about being married to an Indian 

2) Your favorite thing about Indian culture 

3) One challenge of being cross culturally married.

 Hear their thoughts, opinions and be exposed to different cultural perspectives. 

Find Parneet @paris_punjabexpress and Sheida on Instagram. 



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